best trick for hacking Wi-fi password

wifi password hacking tips
this tutorial learn you all Steps to Crack Wi-fi Password: Steps: 1. At first Boot your system with a backtrack 5 live dvd ora pendrive. 2. now Goto Backtrack > Exploitation Tools > Wireless Exploitation Tools > WLAN Exploitation > fern-wifi-cracker 3. This is will open a fern...
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OMG Real chudail on Road at night video

chudail thumbnail
  this video is the real journey of rajasthan road. when coming from marriage party. suddenly a chudail come in front of the car. we stopped car but she shouted loudly due to car headlight falling in her eyes. we backed car but she run towards us. we again...
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android app development>>Running Your App

If you followed the previous lesson to create an Android project, it includes a default set of “Hello World” source files that allow you to immediately run the app. How you run your app depends on two things: whether you have a real device running Android and whether...
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easy way to Learn android app development

Learn android app development
Today I am starting here how to develop an android app yourself. now a days this is the basic knowledge of an android application. here I will describe step by step android  app creation. Building Your First App Welcome to Android application development! This class teaches you how...
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